Name of the Programme

M.A in Media and Cultural Studies

Course Title

Gender, Culture and Space

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Course Type


Current Semester




Course Instructor

Dr. Shilpa Phadke


The aim of this course is to open up new ways of thinking about gender, space, power, citizenship, and urbanity. This course introduces students to basic concepts, ideas and structures in urban space specifically with regard to gender, class, community, locality and urban design.

The primary objectives of this course are: to familiarise the students with the theoretical debates on private and public space, cities and citizenship; to engage with hierarchies of class, caste, gender, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation in the city especially as they are played out spatially; to think through questions of respectability and pleasure in relation to debates in feminism. We will also reflect on cities and the power relations within which cities are constructed and embedded.

While the course will have some lectures, the eventual idea is to make it as interactive as possible with several activities, discussions and exercises.