Course Summary

The Development as a concept presents multiplicity of competing and conflicting notions. From ‘idea of progress’, ‘increased industrialization, growth’ and liberalization to individual, national and cultural self-reliance the development debate today provides a tapestry of theories, reflectinghow development and underdevelopment are increasingly seen as a opposite sides of the same process. While the emerging global world of free flow of trade, information and finance might have benefitted the so-called first world, in the ‘third world’ this phenomena is still seen by some with a cruel and uninvited fatalism. At a time when globalization has influenced every walk of human life and the skewed development has divided the worlds the issues of inequality and marginalization demand immediate attention. The course intends to familiarize students with the key theories of development and allow students to develop a critical awareness of the phenomena in the context of challenges of globalization and consequent inequality across the globe.