This course is conceived as an advanced level course which addresses some of the pertinent issues of disability studies in feminist scholarship. It explores the engagement of feminist scholarship with that of disability studies in the context of India as well as in the global context. A wide varieties of disability experiences- physical, sensory, cognitive- will be part of this course.

Cultural constructions of body normality and disability are not universal. They cut across various intersecting identities such as race, class, caste, religion, sexualities, ethnicities and nationalities. This course tries to foreground feminist disability studies in this intersectional paradigm and tries to draw connections with other emerging fields in feminist scholarship. While doing so it explores the socio-political and symbolic construction of bodies in dis/ability systems under diverse socio-historical contexts.


  1. To provide an overview of the engagement and negotiation of disability studies with feminist scholarship.

  2. To think critically about the construction of dis/abled bodies through various intersecting identities such as race, class, nationalities, sexualities, religion and caste.

  3. To strengthen the theoretical understanding of body and disability and to encourage analysis with critical perspectives.