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Disaster response in an important component in disaster management and in the recent years has emerged as an important field of study. With the increasing incidence and intensity of disaster events there is a constant demand from the field for professionals trained in the basics of disaster response. However, critical gaps in capacity are observed in disaster planning, contingency planning, disaster assessment and vulnerability assessment. In addition, knowledge and skills to work with multi-disciplinary teams in disaster response situations are also required. This highlights the need for having a broad understanding of the multiple stakeholders involved in disaster response and the standards to be upheld in humanitarian aid, relief and rehabilitation and development. This course tries to modestly address these concerns.


  • To understand the nature and types of emergency response

  • To identify and understand various response functions

  • To develop capacity to estimate relief needs during a disaster situation and plan for its delivery

  • To analyze integrated response management models and identify their strengths and weaknesses