Conflicts are inevitable and a part of the socio-political reality. Various approaches and frameworks such as conflict resolution, conflict management etc has presented its theoretical as well as practical difficulties in putting the people and parties in conflict at the centre towards engaging in conflicts for a movement towards peace. Conflict transformation provides a framework for nuanced understanding of the conflicts with its contributory factors taken more seriously than the outward expressions of it on one hand and draws a people centric approach for a processual movement towards peace. Conflict transformation is more than a set of specific techniques. It is about a way of looking and seeing, and it provides a set of lenses through which we make sense of social conflict. These lenses draw our attention to certain aspects of conflict, and help us to bring the overall meaning of the conflict into sharper focus. If techniques such as mediation, dialogue, negotiations etc are seen through such a lens the efforts become more sustainable. The role of various actor right from the local groups to the international institutions and processes needs to be located with this kind of a lens. The course is thus aimed at helping students to see processes of peace building at various levels as sustainable efforts rather than resolution or management of conflicts.


  1. To expose students about the processes of peace building by strengthening their knowledge and skills

  2. To help them understand the role of national and international organizations as also local actors in conflict transformation

  3. To provide them with the skills of conflict assessment, mediation, negotiations, peace audit etc.