Centre for HRM and Labour Relations
Course Title: HR 23 – Taxation* [Optional Course]
Course Teacher: Professor Ajay Sharma (VF)
Credit hours: 30
Course Objectives:
1. To familiarize a shared understanding about different
provisions of taxation in India
2. Develop a synergy between HR and Taxation

S.No. Topics No. of Hours
1 Brief Introduction to Income Tax Act 1961.
Difference between Direct and Indirect Tax.
Difference Between tax avoidance and tax Evasion.
Agricultural Income. 2hrs.
2. Income under the head Salary covering taxability of various allowances and perquisities including explaining the taxability of House Rent Allowance, Perquisites. Taxability of Medical allowances and Motor Car perquisites. How to choose between HRA and Rent Free Accommodation provided by the employer. 14 hrs.
3. Income from House Property and Tax planning of such Income by
explaining Deductions under the head Income From House
property. 2. hrs
4.Concept of Capital Gains-Calculation of Long Term and Short
Term Capital Gains and Deductions available under the Head
Capital Gains. 2 hrs.
5. Income under the head Business and Profession. Explaining
various deductions and disallowances including the concept of
Depreciation. 4 hrs.
6. Income From other Sources –Dividend In.come, Gifts, Lottery
Income etc. 2hrs.
7. Set off and Carry forward of losses including clubbing
provisions. 2hrs.
8. Incomes exempt from Income tax. 2hrs.

Total 30 Hrs

Assignment: 30
Exam: 70