Sociology of Organizations, Organization Theory and Design

This course examines the evolution of the modern organization, focusing on sociological, psychological and economic approaches to understanding organizations and its people, strategy and environment. We read social scientific analyses and case studies to trace the history of modern organizations, and study social science perspectives that help us understand and appreciate the basic foundations of management. By the end of this course, you should demonstrate a command of :

- Basic Sociological, Psychological and Economic Foundations of Management

- Competing theoretical approaches to organizations

- Competing methodological approaches to the study of organization


All readings listed below are required and students are expected to come to discussion sections prepared to discuss the readings and the week’s case. The final grade will be calculated on the basis of an ongoing journal (Three Portions with equal weightage – one each for Sociological, Psychological and Economic Foundations of Management) that the students will maintain (50%) and a comprehensive final exam (50%). The final grade will also be a factor of the student's class participation.