Centre for HRM and Labour Relations

Course Title : Negotiations Skills and Conflict Management
Course Teacher : D.K. Srivastava
Credit hours: 15
{This course will begin after July 30}

[A] Negotiations Skills:

Course Objectives:

1.Identify the process by which negotiating situations emerge
2.Understand the dynamics of negotiating situations
3.Conceptualise theoretical framework and behavioural foundations
of Negotiations
4.Develop a conceptual and skill framework for the process of

Session Plan:
1. Introduction to Negotiations as a Decision Making Process
Fisher Brown pp. 3-40
2. Theoretical and Behavioural framework of Negotiations

Need Theory : Gerald Nierenberg – The Art of Negotiation
Walton & McKersie's – Four Analytical Approaches
Negotiate Anything – Herb Cohen
Balance Theory of Attitude Change – Heider
3. The Process of Negotiations – Fowler pp 32-79; Leritz, Fisher
and Ury pp 1-14

4 and 5. Negotiation Strategy and tactics
Intra Group Synergy
Management game - Managerial GRID Workshop
Inter Group Synergy
Management game - Broken Square

Conflict Management Course - Prof. VS Patwardhan
Course Objective
Teaching hours : 15
In this program students will learn managing inter-personal conflicts, listening and communication skills, adopting suitable conflict management styles and managing inter-group conflicts through case studies, role plays and reflective discussions.

Day 1 : 2.July
Developing the Learning Agenda
Conflict cycle
Interpersonal conflicts and Reflections
Day 2 : 9.Juy
Conflict Management Preference Styles
Conflict Management Style Preference Test
Day 3 : 16.July
Guest Speaker: Conflict Management Case in Industry
Blake and Mouton Inter-group Conflict Resolution Model
Day 4: 23.July
Case Study Analysis
Developing Listening Skill
Restorative Justice

Day 5: 30.July
Students' Presentations on Assignment 1
Take stock of meeting learning agenda, Feedback
Karpman Drama Triangle

Assignment 1. Writing, Analysing and Presenting a live case of conflict in Industry
Assingment 2. [To be decided] [Written]