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Hospital administrators require an understanding of epidemiology for the planning and prioritizing services, for understanding utilization of services and managing service delivery. A basic awareness of the discipline of biostatistics helps understand important tool for studies that would be essential to understand and solve problems and for analytics based on data generated as part of the process of care provision.

Learners' Objectives

  1. To understand the basic principles of Epidemiology, especially as related to measurement of morbidity, and mortality and

  2. To understand what are the different epidemiological methods (intervention studies, cohort, case control, cross-sectional, case series) and when each are used and of these to learn to do surveys and case control studies.

  3. To understand statistical associations and measurement of risk and basics of analysis of epidemiological data and its display and communication.

  4. To understand application of epidemiology in hospital management and for hospital managers.