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I am sure; you are eagerly waiting for your internship. I hope you have contacted your hospital supervisors and started your introduction with them. As you know this internship is most important component of your learning process. I am presenting instructions and expecting you to follow sincerely.

General Instructions

  1. You shall read the correspondence between the hospital and your faculty supervisor carefully and follow the instructions accordingly. You may require to carry passport size photographs, certificate copies, ID card, fees (as per the instruction by the hospital), information supplied Internship supervisor, etc. In few hospitals you are expected to report one or two days earlier. Please do not forget to make a note of all these aspects. Please try to avoid taking excuse in this regard.

  1. Your internship is starting on 29th January 2018 to 24th March 2018. You shall work 6 days in week (Monday to Saturday)

  1. Use of time: You are required to present in the hospital on or before 9.00am and leave the hospital by 5.30pm. Students are travelling long distance may leave the institution around 5.00pm. Further, it is expected to spend more hours than it is indicated in these guidelines. Try to make sure that you spend every minute in an useful manner, and you may be asked to produce some document like your daily work diary, notes regarding discussion with hospital supervisors, data collected from different sources, etc., to confirm how your time has been spent on the purposes

  1. Attendance: you are not expected to take leave during the internship, in case of any urgency which is extremely crucial, you may take two days leave. There is a need for prior approval for taken leave from the faculty supervisor and hospital supervisor in writing. Absent from internship (without prior approval) shall be treated as contempt of Institute rules. Those students are failing to follow the guidelines shall be asked to do more number of days (extension of internship) or repetition of internship. The student must submit the attendance form without fail during the presentation. Students are unable to submit the attendance due to whatever may be the reasons shall not be allowed to participate for the presentation as well not allowed to submit the internship report

  1. Hospital Rules: You shall follow the hospital rules particularly discipline, code of contact, instructions given be supervisor etc, however you shall strictly follow the institute rules with regard to attendance, holidays, and timings

  1. Evaluation form: you shall submit the form which has been given to you to the hospital supervisors. During the end of your internship you may collect it in a sealed envelope, in case the supervisor wish to send it by post, please provide the email id and postal address of your faculty supervisor to concern official to send it directly.

  1. Internship Evaluation: the internship is evaluated based on the following aspects

      1. Two Week progress report (four reports including final report)

      2. Hospital supervisor evaluation (Evaluation form)

      3. Final Presentation at the Institute

      4. Your Internship Report

Internship work

Get familiar with route to the hospital, hospital location, transport facilities, key persons in the hospital.

You have to get the name, mobile number, email and other contact details of your supervisor and the same shall be sent to the faculty supervisor along the topics for the case studies within two days from stating of internship.

You have to keep in touch with group mail id for your communication and submitting the progress report

You are expected to submit your progress at the end of the week - every Saturday without fail. You shall get the feedback by Monday - Wednesday. In case the supervisors are travelling you shall wait for the reply. Please ensure whether you get the reply or not you must submit your progress report without fail on weekly basis

All correspondence should go through group mail id. Please do not send to my personal id.

Conducting Case study

You case study topics should be relevant to your core subjects, and curriculum of Hospital Administration. You shall be donning the case studies on pure clinical subjects; however you may select the topics on clinical and super specialty services administration.

Please make sure that your topics are approved by the faculty supervisor. Further you need to prepare the complete framework for each topic and submit to the faculty supervisor for the approval.

You need to have atleast two topics in hand so that you can work without wasting time

Steps for conducting case study

  1. Before starting the case study you need to get complete overview of the department functions, procedures and other key features of the department

  2. Identify the right topic, prepare the frame work for the topic, discuss with concern officials for getting it clarified (try to take the case studies allotted by the hospital, so that you may get maximum cooperation from the hospital)

  3. Submit it for approval to the faculty supervisor

  4. Decide the strategy to get the information, analysis plan, and preparing the conclusion and recommendations

  5. Try to put effort in developing rapport with the staff and maintain patience with people

  6. present it to the management and seek for suggestions if any

  7. Improve your skills particularly problem solving, presentation, communication, and report writing skills. You are required to exhibit same throughout the internship and during the internship presentation with hospital as well as Institute.

Internship presentation

You shall finish your work at 5.00pm, on 24th March 2018. You shall travel to Mumbai from 25th March 2018. The presentation shall be held from 26th March to 28th March 2017 (three days from 8.00am to 6.00pm). Your presence for three days is compulsory. Students are missing their days shall be treated as absent and accordingly the Institute rules shall be followed.