Social entrepreneurship and social enterprises are necessary for addressing the issue of economic necessity of vast section of our population in both rural and urban areas. This course aims at introducing the concept of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship as an alternative to mainstream development approaches, leading to sustainable development resulting in appreciable social dividends. It is envisaged the the conceptual knowledge of the students need to be enhanced by making them realise the significance of social values and innovation in development. Students also need to be given a fair understanding of the strengths and differentiation in the the role of the established or old social economy (large scale cooperatives, mutuals and associations) and the new social economy in the form of income generating NGOs, third sector organisations and social enterprises.

Objectives of the Course
1. To introduce the concept of Social Entrepreneurship as a technique to promote livelihoods of the poor and marginalised.
2. To understand organisational and collective dimensions of Social Enterprises.
3. To understand the characteristics of social enterprise models.
4. To understand the role of social entrepreneurship in livelihoods promotion, challenges and way forward.