Final Internship is done at corporate hospitals in India. Student shall be two to three case studies. Usually Case studies are provided by the hospitals. In case the hospitals do not have case studies, the students may decide the case study in consultation with hospital supervisor and faculty incharge of the internship.

Students shall be submitting weekly report on every Monday.

Students shall be following hospital rules, however for applying leave and timings, evaluation method, and grading shall be as per Institute. Internship is given 8 credits, therefore the students shall be working from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Students can have consultation with hospital supervisors and faculty supervisors for any important areas where they need any guidance.

Internship evaluation is done as per the following criteria
1. Weekly report - will be given 10 percent (students must have submitted eight report including final report, unqualified report will be not counted for evaluation)
2. Final presentation - will be