The Course is shared between Mr Mahesh Kamble and Dr Mohd Irshad


One of the significant processes in disaster mitigation is to grasp the vulnerabilities and then build the capacities of communities to reduce the disaster risks. Risk reduction processes are very much dependent on development planning. Any professional in the field of disaster management should have the ability to link the connectedness between development planning and disaster risks. Thus, students should be provided opportunities to grasp the linkages between existing planning process, policies and disaster threats. People centred governance and participatory planning is critical for risk mitigation. It also ensures a right-based, transparent and accountable delivery of services, especially during times of emergencies and disasters. Moreover, disaster risk reduction strategies should be based at the community level for greater effectiveness and sustainability of the process. In this regard the students have to be exposed and trained in analysing developmental planning process as well as people-centred planning processes. This course will facilitate the students to enhance their intellect and capabilities in building and strengthening effective local/ district level institutions in addressing disaster risks and planning for the same.


  1. To assess the effectiveness, accountability and legitimacy of state and non state actors for DRR

  2. To acquire analytical skills in development planning process and its implication on disaster risks and sustainable development.

  3. To understand mainstreaming of DRR activities in the planning process

  4. To understand processes for people centred planning and community led disaster risk reduction