smile Conceptual clarity on Human Rights, Historical growth of HR, Linkages between human rights, crime and punishment, International Human Rights Law - Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva Conventions, International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights with Optional Protocols and General Recommendations of the Human Rights Committee, Convention Against Torture.Development of Human Rights in India – History of Indian Human Rights Movement, Freedom Struggle, Constitution of India and the Development of Human Rights, Emergency and Post Emergency emergence of Non Party Political Civil and Democratic Right Organisations, Issues concerning Democratic Rights Movements in India.Civil and Political Rights in India - Custodial Torture and deaths in India, Police and human rights, Right to self determination, right to protest anddemonstration, State reaction to violent and non violent protest by non state actors, Human Rights of Activists, Human rights accountability of custodial and correctional staff. Statutory Institutions in India for protection of Human Rights – Role of Commissions.This course would require the students to submit a semester paper on either of the following topics:Women’s Rights, Dalit Human Rights, International interventionsHuman Rights of Minorities , Terrorism and Counter-terrorism, Hindutva and its Effect on Minorities , Rights of HIV affected persons and interventions to protect their rights.